14 MAY 2022 • ONLINE


Welcome to New Teachers' Conference 2022

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Join with hundreds of teachers across the province on Saturday May 14th. The event brings together leading education experts, panels, and workshops with inspiring stories and practical advice.

This all-in-one event organized by the BCTF is designed specifically to support teacher candidates, student teachers, TTOCs, and teachers in the first five years of their career.

Keynote Speakers and Guests Include

Nikki Sanchez

Sanchez is a Pipil/Maya and Irish/Scottish academic, Indigenous media maker, TEDx speaker, and environmental education.

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Blind Tiger Comedy

Blind Tiger is a comedy company founded in 2015. Their professional comedians have decades of experience making audiences laugh and sharing their skills with newcomers to comedy as well as organizations big and small, locally, and internationally..

Will Clements

Will Clements is a Vancouver-based performer, educator, recording artist, and published arranger. Described by CBC Music as a "fantastic and easy voice...", Will is an enthusiastic and energetic performer when on stage.

Teri Mooring

Teri brings two decades of classroom experience to her teacher union leadership. As president of the BCTF, she represents 46,000 K–12 public school teachers across the province.

Dr. Verna St. Denis

St. Denis is an education expert, author, Special Advisor to the President of the University of Saskatchewan on antiracism and anti-oppression, Cree Métis professor of Indian and northern education.

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Virtual Conference Sessions

In addition to panels and keynote speakers the event features an extensive lineup of professional development sessions to choose from.

Being and Learning Outdoors Viewed Through the Core Competencies

Through relevant stories, examples, and a K-9 competencies rubric, this workshop looks at how going outdoors intersects with the BC curriculum in a meaningful manner.

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Creating a Caring Community in a Primary Classroom

This workshop introduces a pathway to a classroom community which honours and supports all students by creating common understandings through norms and a classroom agreement.

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Infusing Aboriginal Content

This workshop is designed to create awareness around integrating Aboriginal perspectives and quality Aboriginal resources in the classroom through hands on activities.

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L’acquisition langagière: L’importance de l’environnement inclusif ‘MakerSpace’

This session explores how inclusive makerspace environments increase the ability to express oneself in the French language, thus creating more confident learners.

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Level Up with Pro-D 2.0

Using the professional development lens, this workshop explores the differences between professional development, in-service, and training.

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Nature Journaling and Outdoor literacy

This workshop is for those interested capturing students curiosity and wonder using nature journaling.

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New Teachers History and Relationships

This workshop discusses the importance of professional relationships, including the BCTF Code of Ethics, professional boundary issues, and the importance of the teacher/parent relationship.

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Physical Activity and Physical Literacy for All (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion)

This workshop equips educators to take proactive actions that will ensure that every student can fully participate in all aspects of physical activity and learning.

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Teaching Elementary Core French with Confidence

This workshop shows how you can bring joy to students while learning, playing and exploring the French language, no matter what level of fluency you may have as a teacher.

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Teaching in a Unionized Environment

This workshop will introduce new teachers to their union through some basic information about rights and responsibilities, the collective agreement and the supports that the Federation offers to teachers.

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Teaching Through Inquiry

Participants who attend this workshop will come away with a framework for teaching through inquiry, including templates and techniques they can use within their own classrooms or with a teacher-librarian.

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Tools and Resources for taking your Curriculum Outdoors

This workshop explores how to take your class outdoors in a safe and organized way that also leaves room for inquiry led place-based education that can connect to the BC curriculum across all subjects!

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TWIG in the Classroom

This session will provide an overview of the resources available on the TWIG website and examples as to how teachers would be able to use it in the classroom/online.

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Workplace Health and Safety: What Every Educator Needs to Know

This virtual workshop is intended to provide information teachers need to maximize their safety at work and to be proactive about safety at their worksite.

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What previous attendees say

"...I had a wonderful time. Several teachers came up later to say it was exactly what they needed..."

"... I absolutely enjoyed my time meeting and connecting with others..."

"... This was my first NTC I really enjoyed learning about what others were doing, and trying to figure out how I could apply things that others have done in my own classes..."